22 au 24 février, 2023
Montréal, Canada


Modern Web Development with Symfony 6 & PHP 8

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This hands-on and intensive practical workshop will enable you to learn the fundamentals and best practices of developing solid Symfony Web applications by leveraging some of the new features of the PHP 8 language. Indeed, attendees will be guided in the making of a small web application from scratch using the Symfony 6 framework and the PHP 8 language.

The course will cover all the fundamentals of the Symfony framework from its installation, its routing system, its configuration through services and dependency injection, to the controller, model and view rendering layers. Attendees will be guided in the building of a small reactive business oriented Web application that enables to bring lots of Symfony’s best components into play: database interaction with Doctrine ORM, data validation, asynchronous job processing, email sending, serialization, etc. On top of discovering Symfony, attendees will also learn the best practices to design a solid domain model matching the business processes as well as writing a suite of unit and functional automated tests.

Fullstack GraphQL using Vue

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This GraphQL Fullstack Workshop is designed for developers. You will learn how to build a GraphQL server and client using Node.js and Vue.js, giving you the skills needed to work with GraphQL in your own projects.

You'll start by learning about GraphQL's origins, how it works, and what it can do for you. Then we'll dive into some hands-on learning, building a GraphQL server and client with JavaScript and Vue. We'll also cover some important best practices like error handling, pagination, authentication/authorization, real-time updates with subscriptions and more!

End to end testing with Cypress

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This workshop teaches you how to test a modern web application using the Cypress.io test runner through a combination of end-to-end and component tests. The application we are going to test uses the Vue.js framework, with Vuex data management and REST API calls, but the testing will be applicable to any modern web app, regardless of the technology it uses.

Knowledge of web development using JavaScript is required. Some basic Node.js skills are required as well.

Kubernetes Hands-on Workshop

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Kubernetes is how you run Docker in production. Bring your laptop with Docker for Windows or Docker for Mac installed. We'll walk through getting a K8s cluster fired up on Docker-Desktop or Minikube, and on Azure. You'll be hosting Docker containers in development and production in no time.