Hugo Hamon

Hugo Hamon

Hugo Hamon is a PHP and Symfony certified developer. He worked nine years for SensioLabs, the creators of Symfony, as a Web developer, head of training and software architect. He joined as a backend lead developer between 2018 and 2020. He's now a full time freelance PHP developer at his own company KODERO.

Sessions Montréal 2022

Build your next REST API with Symfony & API Platform

Session en anglais - Intermédiaire

API Platform is a Symfony add-on that helps you automate the creation and personalization of a REST API. In this talk, you'll learn how to get started with API Platform. From a Doctrine data model, we'll generate a full featured series of CRUD API endpoints to read & write your model. We'll also cover more advanced use cases such as search filters, serialization contexts, authentication & authorizations, custom API endpoints, and extension points

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