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GestionDocumentation For an engineering team to thrive and evolve, it has to stand on clear core values and principles. Often times, these are implicit and shared only organically. This can be a problem as the team grows.

In this presentation, we’ll take a look at a few principles on which engineering teams can lean on to achieve excellence in building amazing software while developing themselves and scale at the same time.
Tests et Qualité You have analyzed your code with your favorite quality inspection tool. You have seen the metrics. Some of them are clear, some are not. Now what? What are the next steps? What’s the best way to tackle Technical Debt? In this session, I will discuss all the above based on my 10-years experience
Architecture & Design PatternsGestion Agile is still buzzing, even though I still honestly don't understand why. I've seen it happen, seen it develop, and seen how much of agile actually becomes politics; inner politics, and seen how it takes the responsibility away from managers and derides such roles as software architects, encourages people to think more short term and less long term on key issues, etc.

Waterfall model had it's flaws, so does agile. So what's wrong with Agile?
CarrièreGestion When you are in the tech industry, you continually build your knowledge. There are always new frameworks, languages, and tools to be learned. What can you do with all of this learning? Share it, and share it well. Being able to share your learnings with fellow developers is crucial to the improvement of your product and your team. In this talk, you’ll learn strategies and techniques to become a better technical mentor.
DevOpsPerformance Production problems are tricky to troubleshoot if proper diagnostic information isn’t captured. In this session, we will share with you 16 important artifacts that you need to capture. We will also discuss effective tools that you can use to analyze those artifacts.
JavaScriptTests et Qualité As front-end developers become more and more capable of building web applications, the value of testing front-end code is now more valuable than ever. This talk will walk you through the different types of testing, the best tools to get started with testing, demonstrate various scenarios and how to test them (business logic, screen interaction, overall functionality), and work through writing tests for a sample app.
Architecture & Design PatternsJava et languages JVM Dans mes journées, je fais énormément de refactoring. Je joue avec le code. L'améliore, le rend testable, lisible.

Je me rends compte que dans toute la panoplie d'outils à ma disposition, certains reviennent continuellement. Je vais donc vous faire une petit liste de ceux que j'utilise au quotidien.
JavaScriptMobileInternet des objets PWAs bring the best of both mobile and native apps to user. PWAs equipped with service workers provide features like offline availability, push notifications etc. Now, PWAs are beyond the browsers; in hardware. Consider turning bulb on/off with your PWA, sounds cool? Lets learn how to, in this talk!
Architecture & Design PatternsJavaScript From loading Ajax requests in browsers to have full-blown frameworks; Javascript has come a long way. While moving stuff from backend to frontend the problems of backend are also ported. The Bigger the code gets bigger the problems, more dependencies, eventually all the problems of a huge monolith.
With Microfrontends, we can break this monolith into smaller independent, maintainable apps.
Sounds good? Let’s see how in this talk.
DevOpsTests et Qualité Traditional software development occurs in phases, where QA, security and other roles act as gatekeepers to production. This leads to silos, delays and doesn’t scale.

So, instead of waiting for a human to decide what is and isn’t valid, learn how to use automation to continuously enforce standards in your software. Let’s turn gatekeepers into build breakers!
Bases de données When building an application on top of a relational database, it's very easy to fall into antipatterns that can cause the application to perform poorly as it scales… or when you first turn it on! The scope of this talk is talking about the most common ways in which applications abuse databases, and how to address them early in development so you are not struggling later. We'll use PostgreSQL for examples, but the information isn't exclusive to it
CarrièreGestion As a very senior IC you are expected to lead and drive adoption of engineering best practices at a time when your daily interactions with code have never been less. How can you effectively deliver change when you don't control the code that is produced? This talk will show you techniques that allow you to be an effective change agent without being a dictator, allowing you to guide direction and build consensus without controlling every step.
DevOpsGestion Even though we use the latest methodology and technology most of us still struggle being effective.
Effective developers don't just write clean and robust code. They also have a strong understanding of the problem that needs to be solved and they take time to learn and play. Learn how those developers build effective coding habits, use automations whenever needed, reserve time for deep work, and much more.
Opening keynote for ConFoo 2022. Details to come.
PHPPython What's in the .git folder? How are commits stored? How do branches work? We'll dive deep into the objects folder, unpack commits, look at the types of DAG nodes, examine object content, and build a complete visualization of the stored content. We'll also quickly look through Git hooks, Git config, and ref logs. Come experience the zen of git.
Architecture & Design Patterns Likely some terms starting with the word "event" are invading your professional space. "Event-driven" is already a buzzword in IT marketing and sales. The tech terms list is much longer. It includes "event streaming", "event storming", "event sourcing", "event store", "event modeling", ... Getting dizzy already? Don't worry. This talk is an “event-dizziness” cure. It'll walk you through the entire "event land" and explain what is what.
InfonuagiqueDevOps Embracing DevOps entails more than just shipping changes to production faster and faster. You are also responsible for monitoring your software and detecting and troubleshooting issues.

Join Henry Been for a demo-heavy session, full of Azure Monitor, Log Analytics, and Application Insights, to build a monitoring solution from scratch. During this session, you will learn everything you need to know to start monitoring your solutions in Azure!
HTML et CSSJavaScript Have you struggled to get TypeScript and Vue to play well together? Me too. Vue is a fantastic SPA framework, and TypeScript is a great way for catching errors faster. Together, they can boost your productivity. Join us as we peel back the layers of TypeScript and look at the tricks of the trade to get them playing well together. You'll leave with a solid methodology and code samples to get started with Vue + TypeScript.
InfonuagiqueDevOps Are you fed up with having to manage Azure infrastructure through the portal? Not to worry, we now have Azure Bicep, an Azure native approach to Infrastructure as Code!

In this session, Henry Been will give you a tour of Bicep templates. Together, we will explore how to set up an infrastructure that is ready for deployment of your application code. We will touch upon syntax, nesting, loops, manual deployment, and deployment from a pipeline.
Bases de données Have you heard about USE Method (Utilization - Saturation - Errors), RED (Rate - Errors - Duration) or Golden Signals (Latency - Traffic - Errors - Saturations)? In this presentation, we will talk briefly about these different, but similar “focuses” and discuss how we can apply them to the data infrastructure performance analysis troubleshooting and monitoring. We will use MySQL as an example but most of the talk will apply to other databases.

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