Ram Lakshmanan

Ram Lakshmanan

Ram is the founder of popular DevOps tools GCeasy.io, fastThread.io, HeapHero.io. Every single day millions & millions of people in North America travel, bank and do commerce using the applications that Ram Lakshmanan has architected. He has developed one of the world’s largest banking application which is used by 1 in 3 USA households, a B2B travel application which processes 70% of North America’s Leisure travel bookings. Ram advices startups, Fortune 500 enterprises, Governmental agencies.

Sessions Montréal 2023

Known Java APIs, Unknown Performance impact!

Session en anglais - Intermédiaire

There are certain Java APIs that we use in our everyday programming. However, we may not be aware of their notorious performance side effects. In this session, we are going to discuss a few common Java APIs and their performance impact on your application.

Memory Patterns to predict production outages

Session en anglais - Intermédiaire

It's not just stock market charts that have patterns. Your application memory also has patterns. In this session, you are going to learn 6 unique memory patterns. Using these patterns, you can *predict* application outages well in advance and also optimize the application's performance.

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