7 au 9 mars, 2018
Hôtel Bonaventure

Building truly Universal apps with Azure, Xamarin and MVVM

Come here the creator of the popular MVVM Light Toolkit explain to you how you can leverage the MVVM architecture and cloud computing to build cross-platform applications easily. You will learn how to architect and refactor your applications, how to simulate data for testing and design purpose and how to code in a decoupled manner with modern tools and techniques

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Laurent Bugnion


I work as Senior Global Azure Advocate for Microsoft. I am one of the foremost experts for XAML and C# based development. I code in Windows, WPF, Xamarin (iOS and Android), Unity, ASP.NET. On my free time, I write for technical publications such as MSDN Magazine, and my blog is on blog.galasoft.ch. I am a frequent speaker at conferences such as Microsoft MIX, TechEd, VSLive, TechDays and I am the author of the MVVM Light Toolkit

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