Bastian Hofmann

Bastian Hofmann

Bastian works at Qdrant, the leading vector database for high performant AI applications.

Sessions Montréal 2024

Hacking Kubernetes and protecting yourself against it

Session en anglais - Intermédiaire

How can a tiny vulnerability in a web application lead to to a take over of your complete Kubernetes cluster and cloud provider account? In this talk, I'll show you on a live system, how a hacker could end up doing exactly that. You will learn about different attack vectors, and how you can protect yourself against each one of them with a multi-layered security strategy. And all of this with the help of open-source tools.

Kubernetes from 0 to production in 60 minutes

Session en anglais - Débutant

Kubernetes makes it easy and reliable to deploy and run your services. But just deploying your web application is not enough in order to run it in a highly available and reliable way. You also need to care about databases, backups, monitoring, alerting, tracing, log management, security, DNS, load-balancing, TLS certificates, CI/CD pipelines, deployment strategies.
In this talk I'll show live, how you can set all of this up within 60 minutes.

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