29 février au 2 mars 2012
Montréal, Canada

Mashing up JavaScript

Nowadays many modern web applications are solely relying on JavaScript to render their frontend and only provide an API endpoint at their backend, resulting in a much more fluent and desktop-application-like user experience. But if you want to create mashups, load data from many different places or include external widgets into your site, you are quickly running into boundaries because of browser and security restrictions. In this presentation I will talk about techniques, some older, some brand new which will help you to:

* create rich JavaScript based Web Applications
* make API calls to external domains
* authenticate these calls through OAuth2 without compromising your secrets
* load external content and JavaScript widgets safely
* send JavaScript messages between frames on different domains
* get real-time notifications from your backendand use the browser to store the some of the user's data.

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Bastian Hofmann


Bastian works at Qdrant, the leading vector database for high performant AI applications.

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