26 février au 1 mars 2013
Montréal, Canada

Lean Startup: How To Measure Everything

Using Eric Ries' Lean Startup approach depends on validated learning. As a result, you need to measure everything the user does. Learn patterns, strategies, off-the-shelf and custom solutions based on actual experience from Food on the Table as it has grown from the first customer to over 1.5 million registered web and mobile users.

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Steve Sanderson

Food on the Table

Steve is a long-time software maker with a passion for startups that help people solve real problems. He is currently the VP of product development for Food on the Table, and prior positions include leading product development efforts for FiveRuns, CTO of an early-stage eLearning startup and leading the technology efforts for community at Excite.com, His background spans user interface development, distributed / fault tolerant computing (with three patents) and early work in the UNIX kernel.

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