10 au 12 mars, 2010
Montréal, Canada


Advanced PHP Development (Sold Out / Complet)

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How much effort is required to adapt your code to your customers' change requests? Is it easy, or is it cumbersome and tedious? And what about your code's complexity and readability? Is everything crystal clear, or are there parts of the code base that nobody dares to touch anymore? How often do you need to fix bugs after a release? And, by the way, how easy is it to roll a release anyway?

If any of these questions made you blush with embarrassment, it's high time that you attend the PHP Days Montreal! Join Sebastian Bergmann, Arne Blankerts and Stefan Priebsch and learn how to turn bad code into good code and become better, more professional PHP developers. No question goes unanswered when the trainers pull up an editor and explain best practices as they code a sample application live.

Advanced MySQL DBA Training

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This tutorial is about running a High Performance MySQL Application in production. You will learn how to inherit an application, and then start running diagnostics to find out where your performance problems are, using the same approach I have as a database consultant. We then move onto tuning queries, tuning MySQL configuration and understanding how InnoDB works internally to start tuning it. This tutorial comes with prerequisites: You need to have some production experience with MySQL, and understand concepts such as "what is a storage engine".

Advanced MySQL Developer Training

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This tutorial teaches you how to build a High Performance, Scalable Application around MySQL. While it can be critical of stupid decisions some ORMs make, it does not relate to any specific programming language. You'll learn about MySQL concepts, what it's good (or bad at), and how to design your schema and queries to solve a large array of theoretical problems. The examples I use come from various web/social networking challenges, the lessons that come out of them have been designed to be as generic as possible.

Hand-on Web Development with Python and TurboGears

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This hands-on training aims to bring students up to speed with TurboGears 2, its administration interface, and touch common deployment scenarios. Student will also get to customize auto generated forms and tables.

Students can to bring database of their own and to build a TurboGears application on top of it.