10 au 12 mars, 2010
Montréal, Canada

Advanced Date/Time handling with PHP

PHP 5.2 and PHP 5.3 introduce new powerful date and time handling functionality. This new functionality allows you to deal with many issues that arise when you are developing a web applications.

This session covers all of the new functionality that is now available. It presents ways on how to deal with timezones: converting between timezones, which timezones to use, updating the database that contains information about timezones and daylight savings time. Then I will proceed to how to deal with parsing strings containing date/time information, modifying parsed information
and formatting dates and times. I will also present time diffing and interval functionality. As last part of the session I will introduce some tips and tricks that make dealing with dates and times even easier.

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Derick Rethans

Derick Rethans is a PHP internals expert and author of Xdebug. He works as an independent contractor and consultant on PHP extensions and related projects.

He has contributed to the PHP project in numerous forms (Date/Time Extension, Xdebug, PHP 4.4/7.4 Release Manager). He is a frequent lecturer at conferences, the author of php|architect's Guide to Date and Time Programming, and the co-author of PHP 5 Power Programming. Derick is also the host of the weekly-ish PHP Internals News podcast.

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