13 au 15 mars, 2019
Hôtel Bonaventure

Designing Chat Bots

Chat bots continue to be all the rage in application development. But is there really anything special about a chat bot? Is there anything a chat bot can do that a normal application can't?

Turns out a bot is really just an application with a different interface. And this new interface requires a new set of design skills.

Come see what chat bots can and can't do, and how to integrate NLP and ML to create a compelling user experience.

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Christopher Harrison


Christopher Harrison is a self proclaimed geek who has managed to turn what he loves doing into a career. At present, he's a software development engineer at Microsoft. He's created content published to edX.org and Microsoft Virtual Academy, covering the full web stack, ASP.NET and OSS.

Christopher got his first exposure to computers when his father brought home a Vic-20. After graduating on to a Commodore 64, and eventually PCs, he realized there was a career to be had "playing" with tech.

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