Susan Ibach

Susan Ibach

Susan Ibach (aka @HockeyGeekGirl) does business development and partner management for SteamLabs, a non-profit that develops STEM and STEAM education experiences, specializing in Artificial Intelligence. Susan is a self professed geek with over 20 years experience in industry in a wide variety of technologies and roles. She is known as an engaging speaker who strives to make sure her content is relevant to the audience.

Sessions Montréal 2024

Getting started with OpenAI and Data Science

Session en anglais - Débutant

If you have been creating Notebooks to do data science and haven't had a chance to explore OpenAI for code generation this session is for you. Code to open CSV files, cleaning up Nulls and punctuation is very predictable and repetitive which makes it a great candidate for code generation. I'll walk you through taking a CSV file and generating code to get you up and running and if we are lucky we might even see Python hallucinations!

Let's play with a robot

Session en anglais - Débutant

No seriously let's play with a robot! Programming and purchasing robot arms used to be limited to university science labs and assembly lines, but cobots aka collaborative robots are making this technology safer, more accessible, and easier to code. In this session we will take a look at a cobot, review some of the features that make it more practical than earlier robots and do a little coding as well

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