Susan Ibach

Susan Ibach

Susan Ibach (aka @HockeyGeekGirl) leads the Amazon Future Engineer program in Canada a program to provide equitable access to computer science education to youth from underserved and underrepresented communities. She has 20+ years of experience coding and helping people of all ages from around the world discover the power of coding, and takes pride in delivering engaging and thoughtful presentations.

Montreal 2022 sessions

Indigenous cooking with a dash of artificial intelligence

English session - Beginner

In this session you will learn how Neural networks are used to make predictions by predicting what type of pie will be created with different ingredients. But watch out! whenever you train data models you have to watch out for bias, and we'll look at Indigenous cooking practices from Chef David Wolfman to see if our Neural Network is inclusive! This workshop uses a drag and drop web interface, no coding experience required.

Your Voice is Power - Make music. Learn code. Promote Equity

English session - Beginner

What if you could practice and learn Python by using it to compose a song remixing music clips from Indigenous Canadian artists to express your voice. Earsketch is an online tool created by Georgia Tech university which allows you to use Python code to produce a song. We've partnered with Indigenous artists to provide music clips or you can add your own. Find a new way to express your creativity and share your voice with code and music!

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