22 au 24 février, 2023
Montréal, Canada

Learn Cypress React component testing by playing Sudoku

When developers see Cypress component testing, their eyes light up. You see the component running right in your browser, you have all your debugging tools, and you can gain full confidence in how the component is working. In this talk, I will show how component tests can verify that a React Sudoku application is implemented correctly. The same testing approach can also work for Angular, Vue, and Svelte component testing.

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Gleb Bahmutov

Mercari US

Gleb Bahmutov is a JavaScript ninja, image processing expert, and software quality fanatic. During the day Gleb is making the web a better place as Sr Director of Engineering at Mercari US. At night he is fighting software bugs and blogs about it at https://glebbahmutov.com/blog/. Microsoft MVP for Open Source Software, GitHub Hero, Algolia Ambassador, CircleCI Ambassador

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