23 au 25 février, 2022
En Ligne, Fuseau Horaire GMT-5

Static Analysis: Judging a Forest by Its Trees

Static code analysis can help you automate the boring parts of your code reviews. This talk is an overview of several tools and tips on how to use them in new and existing projects, featuring the following tools that can help you: Stop nit-picking your colleagues’ code style (Easy Coding Standard), keep up with best practices (Psalm, PHPStan, PHP Insights) and generate graphs visualising your dependencies (Deptrac, PhpMetrics).

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Christian Rades

shopware AG

I'm keenly interested in the ways code communicates to two different audiences at once, the computer as well as other people. This lead me to my current role improving the development experience at shopware.
Next to my daily work, I'm also one of the shopware's popular Code Camps organisers, which hopes to promote a playful understanding of code in school-aged children.

In my off time, I'm a programming language nerd with an interest in functional programming and distributed systems.

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