9 au 11 mars 2011
Montréal, Canada

PHP inside.

Although PHP is traditionally a web-only language, that doesn't mean that it
can only be used for web applications. This presentation will show you how
PHP can be used on embedded devices—running on Linux. As an example I will use
a phone and a Kindle. Getting PHP to run is a first step, but after that you
need to get applications on it as well. I will cover some basics for GUI
design (with directfb and PHP-GTK), but also cover issues that come along when
you have to take care of low-memory, low-bandwidth situations as well as
restrictions with input methods. In those cases solutions need to be picked
to make the whole experience on embedded devices usable.

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Derick Rethans

Derick Rethans is a PHP internals expert and author of Xdebug. He works as an independent contractor and consultant on PHP extensions and related projects.

He has contributed to the PHP project in numerous forms (Date/Time Extension, Xdebug, PHP 4.4/7.4 Release Manager). He is a frequent lecturer at conferences, the author of php|architect's Guide to Date and Time Programming, and the co-author of PHP 5 Power Programming. Derick is also the host of the weekly-ish PHP Internals News podcast.

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