9 au 11 mars 2011
Montréal, Canada

CakePHP: Practical rapid prototyping

Bring along your laptop, hack up in a live session with one of the CakePHP core team, and build an app live.

We'll take a short period of time to define the project, design the database, and then jump in and build the project through to completion.

This session is great for new and old CakePHP users, and a great opportunity to get an insight into CakePHP if you have never had the opportunity, or have not been able to find the time.

Code resulting from this talk will be made available under the MIT license, and freely available for users to take and use, extend and build on as they like.

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Graham Weldon

Cake Development Corporation

Graham has been working with PHP for 10 years, and has been working on the CakePHP project for the last 3 years. With a solid background in Software Engineering and Java development, Graham brings an engineering and architectural knowledge that helps shape and define the framework as it evolves.

Graham is a well known public speaker in the PHP and CakePHP community, speaking at events such as OSCON, CakeFest, and various PHP events worldwide.

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