10 au 12 mars, 2010
Montréal, Canada

Streaming XML

Many developers are still using the traditional XML parsers, such as DOM, SimpleXML and XML to read and/or create XML documents, completely unaware of the benefits using XMLReader and XMLWriter could bring to a project. Streaming XML can provide numerous benefits including simpler APIs, faster processing and better resource usage. Find out how you can take advantage of these benefits in PHP through the use of XMLReader and XMLWriter.

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Rob Richards

Mashery, Inc.

Rob Richards is a Sr. Architect at Mashery, the leading provider of on-demand API management solutions.
With a focus on XML and web services, he has authored an maintains a number of the XML extensions within PHP as well as a contributor to libxml2 and libxslt within the Gnome project. Rob also occasionally writes articles for various publications on the use of XML and web services and also authored the book Pro PHP XML and Web Services. In his spare time, Rob also likes to work on identity related technologies, such as the openinfocard project and information card libraries.

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