10 au 12 mars, 2010
Montréal, Canada

Maximizing IT ROI

Do you want to get the most return from your development team? Do you want to make sure that every man-hour and resource spent on the project increases its value? Then you cannot miss this eye-opening session where you will learn strategies and techniques that yield an extremely high return on investment.

This session will be filled with real-world stories and scenarios to demonstrate proven ways to maximize IT ROI. You will also learn from this session methods to accurately assess the ROI value of any IT request so that you can systematically determine if implementing it would be a worthwhile use of resources.

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Eric David Benari

IT Management Group

One sunny day some years ago Eric David Benari discovered PHP3 and on that very day he left ASP2.0 and Perl-via-CGI to find their permanent resting place alongside the ENIAC and Commodore 64.

Since that time Eric has been developing innovative ways for businesses to rapidly increase their revenue with minimal investment by utilizing open-source solutions combined with breakthrough IT-management techniques.

Eric is CEO of the IT Management Group, organizer of the NYC MySQL Group (world’s largest MySQL group organized on Meetup), Chief Architect of the Vork Enterprise PHP Framework (http://www.Vork.us) and the sixth person in NY to become a Zend Certified Engineer (of PHP.) He is also a PMI-Certified Project Management Professional, MySQL 5.0 Certified Developer & Certified DBA. He has been invited to speak at New York University (NYU), Yeshiva University, Stern College as well as various IT conferences and has written for PHP Architect on security, e-commerce & IT best-practices.

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