10 au 12 mars, 2010
Montréal, Canada

Email Deliverability For All

Attendees will learn to troubleshoot and solve email delivery problems. These problems are not easy to spot and solve, yet terribly important for the health of an online business. This session draws on CritSend experience.

Session is in two parts:

1. Email Delivery Basics: We will discuss why service providers mark your mail as spam. What are the key metrics, the tools, and the ecosystem. We will dissect "bad" emails and stellar emails. We will discuss here what is a spam (legal and practical definition), blacklist, reputation, deliverability, best practices (what the ISPs expect from you)

2. Case Studies: Troubleshooting, monitoring, resolving and improving I will take here a real world example. I will show how to monitor the deliveries using free tools, resolve a problem and improve your deliveries so this problem does not happen again.

Timely Q&A is encouraged, and I look forward to empowering attendees with simple steps to great deliverability.

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Nicolas Toper


Nicolas holds a Master Degree from CNAM Paris. He is the Founder and CEO of CritSend, the leading company in guaranteed email delivery. We make sure our customer emails end up in the appropriate inboxes.

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