10 au 12 mars, 2010
Montréal, Canada

ASP.NET MVC and the Undiscovered Country

This presentation is a grand tour of a number of new things at Microsoft: the ASP.NET MVC web application framework, the Open Source Initiative-approved MS-PL license, the Open Source Lab and the CodePlex Open Source repository. You’ll see what it’s like to develop web apps using ASP.NET MVC, the opportunities it offers both Microsoft and Open Source developers and even take a look some nifty language goodies within the C# programming language. You’ll also find out about Microsoft’s new approach to Open Source, from creating a new licence to helping Open Source developers get their applications running on Windows, as well as how many Star Trek references we can fit into a single presentation. There will be funny pictures on the big screen, and there may even be prizes!

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Joey deVilla


Joey deVilla is Shopify's rock and roll accordion-playing, community-building, code-writing and mischief-making Platform Evangelist. His job is to write, talk, code and sing about the Shopify ecommerce platform to developers, designers and merchants. In a previous life, he was a Developer Evangelist at Microsoft where he specialized in Windows Phone, web development and annoying upper management. You'll rarely see Joey without his accordion, laptop and iPad.

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