Anna Filina

Anna Filina

Anna has been a web developer since 1997. In her long consulting career, she developed an expertise in refactoring very old applications to be modern and testable. She is passionate about sharing her skills with fellow developers through her blog, YouTube channel, conferences and various articles. Anna also has an eye for technical debt, for which she then devises strategies that save companies a lot of money.

Montreal 2024 sessions

Automated Refactoring and Upgrades with Rector

English session - Beginner

Rector is a CLI tool that assists with upgrading and refactoring of PHP projects. Do you seek to save months of mindless work and frustration on your next PHP upgrade? After a brief introduction to Rector using practical examples, I will show you what it can and can't do for you. I will also give real-world tips on PHP upgrades and how you can best leverage Rector and other automated tools.

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