March 9-11, 2011
Montreal, Canada

Writing a Ruby Gem for beginners

You've seen all the Ruby gems available, and heard a
lot about them. Where do they come from? How do you
create one? And why would you want to?

There is no One True Way to create a gem, and different people
will give you different recommendations.

Using his own code for examples, Ken Coar will walk through
one of the many paths available from 'why?' to 'ta-daah!'
describing what was done, why, and what pitfalls he remembers
encountering. It worked for him; it might work for
you too.

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Ken Coar

Ken Coar, an open sourcerer and opinionist, has written code for 40+ years. He was one of the founders of The Apache Software Foundation and served on its board of directors for years, and was responsible for the ApacheCon conferences for several years as well. He also served on the board of the Open Source Initiative. Currently he prefers to write code in Ruby, but has contributed to rubygems, CPAN, PHP, and Apache httpd.

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