26 au 28 février, 2020
Hôtel Bonaventure

Smaller, Faster, Svelter: a tiny cost for small enhancements

Svelte is the hot new JavaScript framework for building 'Cybernetically enhanced web apps", where the easy to use framework is compiled away, leaving only the bare essential JavaScript needed to keep your app working as expected.

Because of this paradigm, it's just so easy to just add a touch of Svelte to an already existing website or web app. Come learn about the best way to add a dash of awesome, for a tiny cost, using Svelte.

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Adam L Barrett

This Dot Labs

Adam L Barrett is a JavaScript and Front-End consultant, a contributor to open source, and avid bike-shedder. Adam believes, when writing conference bios, he should probably mention his two children, his love of movies and probably his hobbies, like hosting a board game podcast, to help the reader connect with him as a person, but ...well, that sounds sort of manipulative so Adam has chosen not to. Adam is above that.

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