26 au 28 février, 2020
Hôtel Bonaventure

One year of asynchronous PHP in production

Yes, it’s possible to use asynchronous programming in PHP and it can massively improve applications velocity. But if it was so simple everybody would already use it. Our team started to use this paradigm one year ago, it was a success in many ways but we faced a lot of questions: which applications are suited for this? How to train your team? Which tools are available? Here our feedback, from daily developments to production.

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Benoit Viguier

M6 Distribution

Backend lead developer at M6 Group (french media group), involved in catch-up-TV / SVOD / VOD web services (6play.fr and related applications).
Interested by architecture, algorithmic, performances, asynchronous programing, 3D rendering…
Former video game/CAD developer: whatever the technology, only challenges matter.

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