26 au 28 février, 2020
Hôtel Bonaventure

Caching the uncacheable in Varnish

Caching personalized data is hard. Most systems just avoid caching stateful data altogether and use AJAX or ESI to get the job done.

In this presentation Thijs will present a developer-friendly way to cache templates in Varnish and parse the stateful data "on the edge" by directly accessing the application's Redis session store in Varnish.

This can be leveraged with a simple template filter in both Twig for Symfony and Blade for Laravel.

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Thijs Feryn

Varnish Software

As the Technical Evangelist at Varnish Software, Thijs Feryn focuses on web performance, software scalability, and content delivery. He demonstrates this through presentations, videos, books and blog posts.

Thijs is a published author and wrote Getting Started with Varnish Cache and Varnish 6 by Example. As a public speaker, he has a track record of over 300 presentations in 21 different countries, where he is often praised for his energetic and engaging presentation style.

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