26 au 28 février, 2020
Hôtel Bonaventure

Astounding time madness

Dealing with date and time in code is tricky: units are not multiple of ten, time zones and DST are annoying...

In fact it's much more complicated! Not only do sun and moon influence our calendar system, but also Sumerians, Caesar, Norse gods, tidal rise, the pope, steam engines, and Einstein. Let me entertain you with fun facts about legacy support and leaky abstractions in time, or a fix for a >1500yr old bug with >400yr roll out duration.

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Christian Heimes

Red Hat

Christian is a long time Python developer from Hamburg/Germany. In the past he has contributed to several Open Source projects such as the CPython interpreter. In the past years he has helped to keep Python secure, for example as member of the Python security response team, secure hashing (PEP 456) and improvements of Python's TLS/SSL module. Nowadays he is employed by Red Hat and works on OpenShift container security, FreeIPA identity management and Dogtag public key infrastructure.

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