13 au 15 mars, 2019
Hôtel Bonaventure

The quest for Mo'Data, UX and Human Psychology

In this talk I will demonstrate how to analyze user experience from a purely human perspective in order to facilitate the expression of human reactions to every and any content. I will take 3 different use cases and show you how to improve the ability to respond. In practice this has led to impressive improvements on user engagement. Data is the new gold! Learn how to harvest it.

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Martin Legris

Obvious Leap

Hi, I've been programming for longer than I like to admit.. I started developing for the web in 1997, wrote my first CGI scripts that talked to MySQL in C++. It has been a long journey since then; through Java (10+ years), PHP, HTML/JS, AS2, AS3, Android Developemnt, C#. I founded a startup in 2012 and raised 1M$; that has changed my perspective of programming forever! I like to explore interaction concepts.

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