Tim Lytle

Tim Lytle

Tim likes making things, is a lover of well built APIs, and hates the top reply. He's built applications utilizing numerous APIs, created custom APIs for internal consumption, and as a one time developer evangelist he's helped other developers do the same.

A long time mercenary PHP developer, he's a fan of Laminas (you know, ZendFramework), Doctrine (2 of course), TDD, and practical design patterns. He's now working on things at PhoneBurner and tweeting sporadically from @tjlytle.

Sessions Montréal 2022

HTTP Patterns: PSR 7 & 15 By Example

Session en anglais - Intermédiaire

Chances are your code already uses one of the HTTP PSRs in some way. In this 'no slides, just code' session we'll take a hands on look at how HTTP Messages (PSR-7) and HTTP Handlers (PSR-15) work, and how they can be properly leveraged.

Take a guided tour through both PSRs, and find out how you can use them effectively in your current codebase.

Hypermedia Without the Hype

Session en anglais - Intermédiaire

Hypermedia is not so much API clients crawling REST APIs, and more about applying concepts work for navigation of the web to our APIs.

In this session, we’ll consider the benefits of avoiding client-side path construction. We’ll also take a look at how applying some simple hypermedia concepts to our request/response design can open up significant potential for improvement, and greatly simplify the code consumers of our API have to write.

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