24 au 26 février 2016
Montréal, Canada

The mysterious unit tests

This is a story about the unit tests suite at the National Film Board of Canada. An analysis and presentation was done on September 2013. The suite was too long so we were not always running our tests locally.

During the presentation, a summary of the analysis will be given and you will be told a series of tricks that helped us accelerate the performance of these mysterious tests.

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Melanie Dubois


Melanie is a Certified Scrum Master and has been with the National Film Board of Canada for the last 5 years. She enjoys helping teams better themselves as a whole, in order to perform efficiently and creatively. She has 13 years of experience using various programming languages such as: Python, Javascript, Java, PHP, C++, etc.

Random fact: You can find her name in the generic of Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood.

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