18 au 20 février 2015
Montréal, Canada

The Twelve-Factor App: Best Practices for PHP on PaaS

Horizontal scalability has always been at the core of PHP application design, and in the cloud, that approach shines the brightest. But to fully leverage the power and convenience of PaaS offerings such as Heroku, it's worth following certain best practices and methodologies when developing applications. This presentation covers and demos the steps from code and dependency management over configuration to maintaining dev/prod environment parity.

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David Zuelke


David works at Heroku, a cloud platform as a service headquartered in San Francisco. He was already building applications for the Web when the dot-com bubble burst, and went on to co-own a software consultancy before exploring the e-commerce and Berlin startup scene. Based in Munich, Germany, he is a regular speaker at technology conferences around the world and an avid fan of all things fast or exciting.

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