18 au 20 février 2015
Montréal, Canada

Integrating AngularJS into Legacy Applications

Why, How, and What We Did Wrong.

Most of us don't have the luxury of building a new application from scratch and being able to do it "right". In this talk, I'll discuss how we integrated AngularJS into an existing round-trip application.  What we did wrong.  What we did right.  Lessons learned.  How users reacted to the changes.  What are our next steps. Finally, I'll include some tips on how to plan your own integration.

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Rosina Bignall

Social & Scientific Systems, Inc

Rosina is a software engineer and technical lead developing PHP and front end applications. She loves learning and exploring new technologies and integrating them into the workflow. She has made contributions to core AngularJS, Angular-UI, a JSON API plugin for Slim Framework, and started a ZF1/ZF2 compatibility layer allowing new ZF2 apps to work in conjunction with legacy ZF1 apps. She loves horseback riding! And she owns a small ranch with horses, chickens and a garden.

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