18 au 20 février 2015
Montréal, Canada

Getting Things Done: Tips From Someone with OCD & ADHD

I've had ADHD and OCD my entire life, but didn't get diagnosed with it until I was 33. Up to that point, I struggled as a developer to get things done. This talk is all about the tips, tricks, and techniques I used to get things done. From managing your time, prioritizing, and being a better leader, this talk is full of the things I still use on a daily basis to overcome having both ADHD and OCD.

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Jason Lotito


Jason Lotito is a Senior Architect at MeetMe.com. There, he's been focusing on performance and scaling for over a year now. He's been a developer since 1999, and enjoys all types of programming, from server side to client side, to mobile. He's a father of 2 wonderful boys, and a husband to a wonderful wife.

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