18 au 20 février 2015
Montréal, Canada

Decrease Conflict and Team Dysfunction

Lead your team with The Guiding Principles Activity.

This activity has helped teams and their leaders:
1. Co-create a list of guiding principles;
2. Use list to guide words and actions;
3. Empower individuals to celebrate success & work through challenges;
4. Offer permission to find alignment and solutions;
alleviate pain;
5. Offer hope.

We will run the activity together so you can learn how to apply the activity with your team!

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Sonia Di Maulo

Harvest Performance

Sonia Di Maulo is Founder and Chief Reinvention Officer at Harvest Performance, a reinvention consulting agency that supports emerging leaders' purpose-driven, ground-breaking ideas and helps them leave a positive impact on the world.

Her Take the Leap! Make an Impact program received the 2020 Award of Excellence (AOE) for Outstanding Human Performance Intervention. The now online program grounds Emerging Leaders in Purpose & Prosperity in education and corporate environments.

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