18 au 20 février 2015
Montréal, Canada

Becoming an Admiral of the Armada: Docker, CoreOS & Fleet

Avast! Do you find your backend sinking whenever a storm hits the shores of your datacenter?
Then it's time to hear the shanty of Docker, CoreOS and Fleet to tame the seas.

The talk covers the concepts behind CoreOS and Docker and shows how to transform an existing application into a docker-based set of containers and how to control and manage them with Fleet.

The audience can use t to better scale and distribute their own backends.

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Martin Naumann


Martin has been in the trenches of the software industry in a variety of positions and industries during the last decade.

He believes that software is about giving humans more capabilities and contributes to making the Software Development community better and more diverse as a RailsGirls coach.

He's an evangelist for the open web and deeply.
During working hours, he's usually found at the Archilogic office admiring the "glitch art" he accident...err..intentionally created.

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