18 au 20 février 2015
Montréal, Canada

An Intro to Configuration Management with SaltStack

Salt, a relatively new player in the configuration management space, offers quite an impressive amount of features for startups and agencies, both big and small. We'll look at how Salt's explicit separation of state and data, it's parallel execution model, ease of extensibility and remote data querying capabilities make it a first class candidate for ensuring your servers and development environments are in a known and reproducible state.

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Joël Perras

Fictive Kin

Hi! My name is Joël, and I'm an ex-physicist turned web developer. Life is weird like that.

My days are spent building infrastructure and applications with the rest of the fine folk at Fictive Kin, and trying to lift heavy weights over my head on a regular basis. I've authored a book on application development in Python, Flask Blueprints, and blog about math and computer science at nerderati.com.

If you can program it, then I want to know more about it.

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