26 au 28 février 2014
Montréal, Canada

Browser Eyeballing != JavaScript Testing

Stop eyeballing your UI in a browser to test your JavaScript code - that doesn't count. Many developers have embraced testing their server side code, but very few test their JavaScript - and even fewer use any kind of automation. This talk will cover writing testable JavaScript code, how to write tests for that code, and some solutions for automating the process.

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Jordan Kasper

Shortly after it arrived at his home in 1993, Jordan began taking apart his first computer. He moved quickly from hardware into programming and his experience includes development and instruction at startups, agencies, Fortune 100 companies, and universities, as well as numerous open source projects. He speaks regularly at local user groups and conferences. Jordan's primary mission for over 10 years has been to evangelize technology of all sorts and share what he has learned to help others grow.

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