29 février au 2 mars 2012
Montréal, Canada

Your Code is Collapsing - Refactoring Can Save You

One of the most overlooked Agile techniques may also be the most useful one.

In the context of software product development, Refactoring (improving the design of existing code) is absolutely mandatory to continuously deliver quality code in reasonable timeframes.

Teams that do not practice continuous refactoring see their quality and
velocity go down with time.

Developers should understand from this presentation:

How to practice useful refactoring?
How to explain the topic to managers?
How to make sure refactoring is done, and regularly?
What are the usual challenges when implementing refactoring? Why do so few developers actually do it?

Managers should take away from this session:

What is refactoring?
What to do to maintain a good velocity as products are being built?
What is technical debt?
What to answer developers who claim they need time to refactor? When to refactor and when not to?

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Olivier Gourment

Smarter Portal inc

Throughout his 25 years experience in IT, Olivier Gourment has worn many different hats, including Developer, Architect, Project Manager and Director of Software Development. Olivier delivered his first Agile project in 2001: www.bell.ca, which was a resounding success. He continued learning and practicing Lean-Agile & DevOps in order to improve delivery speed and quality. He regularly presents at international conferences and provides Lean/Agile coaching. Follow him on Twitter @ogourment

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