29 février au 2 mars 2012
Montréal, Canada

ORMs don't kill your database, developers do!

As soon as you decide to use an ORM tool, one of the biggest factors is Rapid Application Development.
Everything is wonderful during development phase, but when it hits production, performance doesn't work like you expect.
You may think it's ORM's fault, your expected it to write as efficient queries as you manually do, but like guns, ORMs don't kill your database, developers do!
This talk will go deep into Doctrine 2 ORM by exploring performance tips that can save your application from its deepest nightmare.

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Guilherme Blanco


Senior developer with BS degree in Computer Science by Federal University of São Carlos. Currently works with web development, mainly with PHP, Java and .NET. He took PHP as his default development language.
He's a core developer of Doctrine project, but also helps other Open Source projects like Symfony, Zend Framework and PHP itself.

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