29 février au 2 mars 2012
Montréal, Canada

Asynchronous Ruby with EventMachine

You've been asked to write a fancy new service and you love your Ruby but you know you can't write a server nearly performant enough.

Or... can you? Enter EventMachine. EventMachine makes writing fast network applications easy. It leverages epoll in Linux or kqueue on your Mac, the same juice that powers node.js and Twisted. Using this you can write performant IO-based applications.

In this talk we'll cover the following:

* Write your first "Hello world" line server
* Writing a key/value store
* Get to know your API
* Testing
* Threads and EM.defer
* Network clients
* The EM ecosystem

This talk will be highly participatory, so, be ready to pull out your laptops and explore along with me as we get to know our Ruby speed-demon friend better, EventMachine.

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Joshua Hull


Joshua Hull has been working as a programmer for the past 12 years. He's deeply familiar with the world of startups, most recently through his involvement with companies such as Bibliocommons, Postrank and Poll Everywhere. Joshua is currently employed by Twitter; when he isn't working, he stays busy with open source projects such as Padrino, Bundler, and whatever other crazy ideas occur to him.

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