9 au 11 mars 2011
Montréal, Canada

Improving QA on PHP development projects

Everyone talks about raising the bar on quality of code, but it's always hard to start implementing it when you have no clue where to start. With this talk I'm showing that there are many levels developers can improve themselves by using the right tools.

* Syntax checking with PHPLint (php -l)
* Validating code with PHP_CodeSniffer
* Testing code with PHPUnit
* Debugging code with XDebug
* Documenting code with PHPDocumentator
* Building with Phing
* Packaging with Phar
* Automation with Xinc (Continuous Integration)

I will discuss each tool in detail and will show with a demo how to use this tool with an example code base.

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Michelangelo van Dam

In2IT vof

Michelangelo van Dam has been working with PHP since 2001 and has been caught by the fever ever since. Besides being a professional PHP web application developer and consultant for enterprises and large companies, he is also co-founder of the PHP user group PHPBenelux and a valued member of the international PHP community, elePHPant shepherd and a true PHP evangelist.

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