9 au 11 mars 2011
Montréal, Canada

Cross-domain Web Development Opportunities

25 years later, domains are still the way most of us envision the web, but for how much longer?

Authorization standards (such as OAuth) are becoming more and more popular. Bookmarklets and web browsers add-ons are rising. APIs aren’t scary anymore. We have found ways to bypass cross-domain policies (with JSONP for example), and JavaScript frameworks are already taking advantage of it all.

Not only the technology is evolving but, as equally important, Internet users expectations are growing too. The simple fact that more and more people are willing to use their Facebook or Twitter credentials to sign in to a 3rd-party application is an early indication that frontiers between domains are fading away.

During the talk, we’ll go over technical aspects of cross-domain web development and highlight new opportunities for designers, developers, and managers. We’ll use concrete examples from Facebook, Twitter, Hunch, and readon.ly to imagine the web of tomorrow.

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Georges Duverger


I'm a web designer/developer at the NYC web startup hunch.com (recommendation engine). I've been involved in the Montreal startup community for a few years, and it inspired me to work on and release personal projects such as cineti.ca (movie showtimes) and readon.ly (web highlights).

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