9 au 11 mars 2011
Montréal, Canada

Commandlinefu for developers

Proficiency at the commandline is essential for any developer who develops on, or deploys to a Linux system. With enough commandline knowledge, an enormous amount of power is at your disposal and your productivity can sky-rocket.

This talk will detail a range of techniques for getting the most out of your local shell, ranging from little-known environmental settings to spectacular one-liners that will transform the way you work. This won't be an introduction to basic commands but an exposition of the most useful, time-saving tricks for developers, drawing in part on the community-submitted gems of commandlinefu.com.

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David Winterbottom

Tangent Labs

I am the Head of Programming at Tangent Labs, a London-based digital agency. I have been a programming addict since my teenage years and hold a PhD in Mathematics.

I am also the creator or the website commandlinefu.com.

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