December 5-7, 2016
Vancouver, Canada

Know your Enemy - An Introduction to Threat Modeling

To protect our users and provide reliable, useful services, we need developers, engineers, SREs, information security, and the business savvy to all pull together. Rather than rely on onerous and (seemingly) abstract security recommendations, we need to understand what we're up against: who is attacking us? What are their motives, their capabilities? Let's threat model! Learn how to assess what defenses are meaningful and which are a waste of time.

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Jan Schaumann

Jan Schaumann is, serendipitously, an Infrastructure and Information Security Engineer, as well as an adjunct professor of Computer Science. With over 15 years of experience in both small scale deployments and academia as well as in enormous high-availability infrastructures serving millions of users, he spends most of his time worrying about online privacy and infrastructure security and integrity.

You can follow him on Twitter: @jschauma

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