December 5-7, 2016
Vancouver, Canada

How We Run Successful Web Projects

You can be the greatest designer, developer, or content author in the world – and it doesn’t mean anything if you can’t deliver on projects. In this talk, you’ll learn what we learned from our shop's candid and honest failures. That includes learning how to set projects up for success; how to handle scope creep; best practices for communication; how to stay on budget; how to launch properly; and how to maintain the relationship afterwards.

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Jeff Archibald

Paper Leaf

I'm a designer and co-owner of Paper Leaf, a multiple award-winning Edmonton-based design firm that specializes in building and launching exceptional custom websites and applications. My day-to-day role involves running the agency and leading a team of 8. Outside of Paper Leaf, you can read my thoughts on business and design in well-known publications like FastCo Design, Lifehacker, and Business Insider.

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