February 24-26, 2021
Online, Timezone GMT-5

Why and how we redesigned our homepage twice in one year

Redesigning the homepage of a major institution is tricky. McGill’s last few redesigns had been +/-6 years apart, and in 2018, we were past due. In 2019, we redesigned (and launched!) our homepage TWICE.

Learn how we rebuilt a tense design-development collaboration, managed a huge stakeholder group, and kept things user-focused. You'll come away with clear recommendations for successful projects with diverse teams and work methods.

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Heidi Strohl

McGill University

Heidi has been designing websites and managing projects since 2007. Her role at McGill is to optimize user and brand experience on digital platforms.

Some days this means designing components and storyboarding workflows. Other days it’s running a workshop, digging into user research, or presenting to stakeholders.

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