February 24-26, 2021
Online, Timezone GMT-5

ConFoo is a multi-technology conference for developers.

  • 155 presentations by popular international speakers.
  • Focused on pragmatic solutions for developers.
  • Great content and amazing experience.

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Back from ConFoo, our developers are unanimous: they learned more in these 3 days than in 3 years of college!


08 Feb 2021

Unveiling the ConFoo 2021 Online Edition

The ConFoo team is proud to unveil the 2021 edition of its flagship event dedicated to developers in Canada. This year, ConFoo is going 100% virtual , meaning you can follow different sessions simultaneously.

From February 24-26, get access to:

  • 130 presentations from +100 speakers
  • 3 online training sessions available before the official start of the event (February 22-23)
  • a fully recorded version of the 3-days event, available during one year.

Highlights from the 2021 edition include:

  • Open source projects updates: The pandemic has increased the development of open source communities and led to the release of key open source projects such as PHP 8.0 and MySQL 8.0.
  • Architecture and Design Patterns: learn about software refactoring and micro-services resiliency and NoSQL Design patterns
  • Career and management issues: in addition to all our more technical sessions, come and listen to career advice from experts and regain control over your professional journey.

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Tickets are available at $425 for the 3 days and include the equivalent of a year long professional training program. Hurry up, there are only a few weeks left before the event! Buy your tickets now.

01 May 2020

ConFoo Montreal 2021: Call for Papers is Now Open

A woman holding a clicker and speaking to the audience.

We are happy to open the call for papers of ConFoo Montreal 2021!

ConFoo is the gold standard of software development conferences. The Montreal 2021 edition will take place from February 24nd to February 26th 2021 on the EDT timezone. As always, we’ll have a stellar lineup of renown international speakers, new, innovative and surprising topics as well as great pannels and Q&A.

If you have great knowledge or interesting experiences in the software development field, we want to hear from you! Submit your ideas today and become one of our speaker for ConFoo’s next edition!

When to apply?

You have until October 16th to submit a talk. Once the submissions are closed, our selection committee will review each and every proposal and proceed with the selection. The list of selected talks will be published on November 15th.

What to prepare?

ConFoo talks are 45 minutes long: 35 minutes for the topic, plus a 10 minutes Q&A session. Check out the list of topics we are interested in. We encourage you to submit multiple talks!

How to get accepted?

You can go through our detailed guidelines to write your proposals. We also highly recommend to new speakers to prepare a 1-minute video with the intro to your talk so we can better assess your abilities.

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