February 24-26, 2021
Online, Timezone GMT-5

`while(true)` Building Daemons and Long Running Processes

There are things you can't - or don't want to - do inside a web request. Whether sending an email, processing a video, or consuming live data, you should be using a separate process - probably a daemon. Learn how to stop abusing cron, and easily daemonize a PHP script that responds responsibly to process signals.

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Tim Lytle


Tim likes making things, is a lover of well built APIs, and hates the top reply. He's built applications utilizing numerous APIs, created custom APIs for internal consumption, and as a one time developer evangelist he's helped other developers do the same.

A long time mercenary PHP developer, he's a fan of Laminas (you know, ZendFramework), Doctrine (2 of course), TDD, and practical design patterns. He's now working on things at PhoneBurner and tweeting sporadically from @tjlytle.

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