February 24-26, 2021
Online, Timezone GMT-5

Stereokit: The Open Source SDK for VR/MR

As a dotnet developer without external tools like Unity, there are other straight-forward ways to build virtual reality experiences for headsets if you wanted to today!
Stereokit is an open source mixed reality library for building HoloLens and VR applications with C# and OpenXR.
In this session, we would do a quick introduction to Stereokit, work through a basic application and see how this library helps us build faster and be more productive

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Adora Nwodo


Adora, is a Software Engineer currently working at Microsoft where she builds cloud services related to Artificial Intelligence and Mixed Reality. She also creates content for Software Engineers on her blog and YouTube channel called AdoraHack.

Adora is extremely passionate about the developer community and is trying to drive inclusion for women in technology. She co-organizes community events, contributes to open source and speaks at technology conferences/meetups worldwide.

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