February 24-26, 2021
Online, Timezone GMT-5

Offline web apps don't exist anymore!

PWAs are the state of modern web solutions. With the proper caching strategy, it is possible to drastically improve the overall performance and providing data even without a network connection. In an increasingly mobile-first world, optimising the time to load web pages can be our business's success. In this presentation, we'll focus on ensuring that our apps are fast, native-like, and able to provide a truly seamless experience to our users.

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Francesco Leardini


Francesco works as senior software engineer and Angular trainer at Trivadis. He is enthusiast about Angular, PWAs, modern web and always looking for new interesting ways to combine them in his projects. He also loves to share what he learned talking to international conferences and local meetups. When not busy developing, he likes hiking in the Swiss Alps, attempting to take the best photos he can.

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